Porcelain slab countertops are new and gaining popularity in the renovation market. Porcelain’s durability, versatility and low maintenance are just a few key qualities that make it the perfect material for both kitchen and bathroom countertops. Unlike solid surface and engineered stone counters, porcelains are rated for exterior use. As a designer, that enables you to create continuity between indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Here’s what you should know about porcelain slabs:

  • Porcelain is a non-porous, heat and scratch resistant stone that is improving in look, with new technologies.
  • The machinery used for manufacturing granite and quartz can also be used for porcelain; providing benefits to fabricators and installers.
  • Porcelain is much lighter in weight compared to granite and quartz.
  • Porcelain tiles offer a wide variety of looks for bathroom and kitchen floors and walls, such as, wood or natural stone.
  • Porcelain is very similar in price to other stones.

Porcelain is the next big thing in kitchen and bathroom trends. With its added benefit of creating a space totally personalized to your clients’ taste and needs, its popularity is on the rise  in the interior design market.

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