When it comes to choosing a type of stone for your countertop there are many things to take into consideration. Two of the most popular stones debated between is granite and quartz. To make the decision process easier for you, we decided to explain the stones’ differences.


This stone is pulled directly from the ground, meaning it’s appearance is not uniform because it is formed by different types of igneous rock. When looking at granite samples you must keep in mind that because these are naturally occurring slabs they won’t be a true refection of the stone you receive.

Once your granite is installed, it will need to be sealed before used. Granite is a very porous stone that can only be considered stain-resistant once it has been sealed properly. Luckily, we offer a warranty package that includes 15 years against staining through a sealing process that penetrates deep inside the stone, so it will not require resealing.


Unlike granite, quartz is a man made stone consisting of crushed quartz mixed with resin (93% natural quartz, 7% resin). If you are looking for a more subtle design with a continuous pattern throughout the stone, than this is a good choice for you. Quartz samples are an exact reflection of the stone you will receive when ordered.

Quartz countertops are a no-maintenance stone solution. This is a non-porous stone that will never require any kind of sealing or protection. That being said, quartz is just as strong and stain-resistant as sealed granite.

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