With the busy renovation season around the corner, we wanted to outline some of the kitchen countertop trends for this year. The following are a few of the trends we’ve been seeing more and more this year so far.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is extremely durable, which allows it to never go out of style. It does not require re-sealing and isn’t susceptible to chipping and cracking that can happen to other types of stone. Quartz comes in a variety of different colours, which makes it very easy to work with and fit into your final design. Using quartz for your kitchen countertop is a great investment for your kitchen.

Kitchen Sinks

This year, we’ve been seeing more and more minimal kitchen sinks being used in kitchen renovations. Seamless kitchen sinks become part of the countertop so it disappears into the design. These types of sinks are easy to clean and maintain, all while keeping mold and bacteria from growing.

Veining & Patterns

This year it seems that homeowners are seeking more character in their countertop colours. Today, countertops come in a wide variety of patterns and veining like years before. Veins in interesting patterns swirled into the countertop slabs are what you should be looking for. The varied finishes make for an interesting matchup with other elements in your kitchen, like flooring, walls, cabinets and backsplashes.

Backsplash Tile

In the past, homeowners have used a stone slab as a backsplash with paint above. Now we are seeing more and more decorative tiles being used as backsplashes. Homeowners that use more neutral countertops, are experimenting with more bold and captivating tiles. Backsplashes are becoming more of an accent wall, forming a visual focal point for the kitchen.

If you are looking for stone for your countertop or tile for your backsplash, we can help! Contact us to learn more about our services or stop by our showroom to see the variety of stone we have on display.

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