We have more than 25 years of experience performing perfect installations for customers throughout the Ottawa area. From the moment you walk into our showroom, through to the installation when the job is done, you deal only with Classic Tile + Stone‚Äôs expert in-house staff.

Our design experts can help you pick the perfect stone type and colour for your renovation project. Our showroom has a variety of stone and tile on display for you to compare.

Our Installation Process

The Template

  1. Our technician will arrive at your residence between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM on your scheduled date to measure and assess your project.
  2. Any new cabinets must be installed prior to the creation of a template. All cabinets must be level to ensure a proper installation. Classic Tile + Stone will not be responsible for complications arising from cabinetry that is not level.
  3. Please have your selected sink and faucets available on-site so our technician can bring the templates (or sink) back to our shop. Inform our technician of any additional cutouts, or holes, and their specified locations.
  4. If you are ordering granite backsplash, please specify the height. The standard is 4 inches, however, due to any existing tile or wallpaper this may be insufficient. Please consult with our technician regarding this detail.
  5. Ask our technician where the seams will be located on your project, if any are required.
  6. If you have any additional questions regarding the project, please ask while our technician is at your home and can address them on-site.


  1. Our installers will arrive at your residence between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM on your scheduled installation date. We will make every effort to inform you, if we are experiencing any unexpected delays.
  2. If applicable, please ensure your existing Ottawa countertops, sinks and faucets have been removed. With advance notice, Classic Tile + Stone can provide you with a removal and disposal service at an additional fee on your sales order. Please note that our installers take great care during their work, but there is a risk of damage to walls and wall treatments during the process.
  3. Our installers are not licensed plumbers: therefore an installation only includes the mounting of the sink to the granite. Allow your sink to cure for 24 hours before your professional plumber completes the necessary plumbing.
  4. Dust may be an issue if any cutouts or polishing is required on-site (cook top, faucet holes, etc.). We recommend that you close off the installation area, including any air circulation vents. This step will help our representatives leave a clean environment, especially in open-concept areas.
  5. During winter months, please ensure your entrance is completely clear of snow and ice. We appreciate salting or sanding to prevent any slipping.
  6. Please create a clear pathway to the installation point in your home, removing any throw rugs, plants, pet dishes, wall hangings, etc.
  7. For safety reasons, our installers will wear footwear during the complete installation process.
  8. When your installation is complete, you will sign a completed worksheet. Our installer will collect the final balance owing, or your credit card details.

Post-Installation Care

  1. Do not use any chemical based cleaners to clean your natural stone counters. Use only warm water and soap.
  2. Your counters will come sealed. It is recommended that you seal granite at least once a year.