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At Classic Tile + Stone, we believe in delivering the best products to our clients. That’s why we carry only the most stunning stone from around the world. Unless you’re planning to replace your countertop or flooring every 5 years, installing quality, long lasting stone is essential to maintaining a stunning home and increasing its long-term value.

Realizing your vision for a breathtaking new kitchen, bathroom or floor means choosing the right product—and that choice starts with Classic Tile + Stone.

Our top of the line products include:

Long Lasting, Durable Stone

How important is quality stone installed by knowledgeable experts? Take kitchen countertops, for example. With day-to-day use, countertops can take a beating. Knife scrapes, hot pots and pans, can easily result in any number of unforeseen chips and cracks.

Choosing a durable stone like granite or quartz will help you maintain your countertop or floor’s beauty for years to come, even if your kids are prone to the odd indoor hockey game.

Learn more about Classic Tile + Stone’s premium stone products. Contact us today by filling out the form on the side! Or give us a call at 613-749-1045

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