Although there are a variety of excellent stones that can be used for residential countertops, granite is most popular amongst Ottawa homeowners. In an attempt to confuse buyers, a lot of myths have been circulating for a few years about granite. And while most of these are absurd, many aspects and benefits of granite need to be explained to consumers so they can understand the value it brings to your home.

Here are the top 4 myths you are likely to hear about granite if you are planning to use it as a kitchen countertop.

Granite requires frequent upkeep

One of the most popular myths about granite countertops is that it requires a lot of upkeep. Granite is one of the hardest stones in the world and it is resistant to heat, scratches and most chemicals. This means that annual resealing is not always necessary. Newly installed granite countertops do not need resealing for years. Resealing can help the lifespan of your granite countertop, however it is not necessary in any way as granite is a very hard stone that is resistant to a lot of things.

Granite is expensive

When granite was first introduced to the market there were not a ton of suppliers, meaning the stone was expensive when it was first produced. However, now the supply of granite is abundant and comes from all over the world including, Africa, Brazil, India, Italy, Saudi Arabia and even the United States. With an abundant supply of granite available for homeowners, prices have been reduced significantly and if you consider the lifespan of your granite countertops the price is hardly expensive in the long run.

Granite is no longer trendy

Says who? In our showroom homeowners still prefer the stability and durability granite offers. It is one of the most versatile stone available in a variety of designs and colours that can be used anywhere in the house. There are no official numbers that show that the granite trend is over and with the amount of homeowners purchasing granite countertops in the last year alone it’s definitely going to be sticking around for the next few years.

Once damaged, Granite cannot be repaired

Have you ever seen a company that offers granite repairing services? We haven’t. That’s because granite rarely needs repairing as it doesn’t normally get damaged. Unless you try to test its durability and are purposefully trying to break it, it doesn’t just chip away or get broken very easily. However, if it does happen to get damaged it can easily be fixed using coloured epoxies.

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