Remodelling your kitchen is an exciting project and big decision that can change the way your home looks completely. Your kitchen design needs to reflect your personality, while still providing you with enough counter and cabinet space you’ll need. We have listed a few popular kitchen layout below to help you make a decision for your kitchen renovation.

One-Wall Kitchen

A popular and simple kitchen layout is the one-wall kitchen that has all of the countertops, cabinets and appliances against one single wall. This is a useful layout for smaller houses, condos and apartments where there isn’t enough space to have more. Having everything on one wall can make more space for a dining room and living room, this is often used to open up a space completely. It is a good idea to make use of an island that can also turn into a bar top and be used for countertop space.

The Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen, also known as the walk-through kitchen, consists of two walls with a walkway space in between. This kitchen layout is used to maximize space available in a corridor and keeps cabinets and appliances all within reach. This type of kitchen is also best used in a smaller space or where there is only one or two cooks as it can become quite cluttered if there are too many people using the kitchen at once.

L-Shaped Kitchen

This kitchen layout puts all the countertop, cabinet and appliances on two adjoining walls, forming an L. This type of kitchen helps keep traffic build up under control and allows you to place a larger island in the middle to break up the space. The use of an island can give you more counter space and allow you to use it as a bar top as well. This type of kitchen also gives you the opportunity to have your kitchen connect to the family room, which can help your house feel more open.

U-Shaped Kitchen 

A U shaped kitchen uses 3 walls and is a great layout to use if you would like a larger cooking area. This kitchen layout gives you tons of countertop space and overall more space to spread out appliances and cabinets. It is best to use this type of layout if you wish to separate your kitchen from other rooms in your home.

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