It can be hard when trying to pick the perfect countertop for your bathroom because there are so many options available on the market. There are a few important questions you should think of before picking a countertop. Once you’ve thought of the following points we can help you find a countertop for your bathroom.


There are a variety of stone types on the market and determining which one will work best for your home in important. The most common types of stone used for bathroom countertops are granite, marble and quartz. Granite is a very effective choice with a variety of colours and options, it also become non-porous after it is sealed meaning it’s hard to stain or ruin. Marble is a beautiful stone that offers timeless design, but it needs to be resealed every few years to make sure it does not get stained. Quartz is a man-made stone that is completely resistant and does not need to be sealed meaning it’s pretty low maintenance. You should pick a stone for your bathroom that fits your design and lifestyle!


After looking at the 3 most popular types of stone, quartz is the most durable and reliable stone. However, if you want a more expensive looking stone, granite might be the way to go as it’s also a non-porous stone. It’s important to pick the right stone for your bathroom because it will endure high moisture levels and sanitary concerns in your bathroom. You’ll want to pick a material that won’t hold onto bacteria and that can withstand moisture or spills. That being said, most homeowners usually pick between granite or quartz for their bathroom countertops.


The look and design of your countertop will play a large role in your decision as you’ll want to pick something that fits the look of your bathroom. You’ll want to pick a stone that has a colour and style option that will fit your overall bathroom design, whether that be modern and timeless or quirky and colourful. All of the stones mentioned above have a variety of design options, so we’re sure you’ll be able to find something that will work well with your bathroom renovation and design.

We have a variety of stone options on display in our showroom and want to help you find the perfect one for your bathroom countertop. Contact us to find out more or stop by our showroom to chat with our design experts!

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